Solar energy

Mission Statement

At AFC, our mission is to provide data-driven sustainable investment solutions (through structured finance & securitization instruments) that expand financial inclusion for individuals at the bottom of the pyramid. We leverage the expertise of our diverse team, powerful data analytics tools, and our passion for collaboration.

Our Values

Our Impact

Solar energy

Access to Energy

3,090,164 people



USD 125.4 million


Financing provided to DESCOs

USD 94.4 million

CO2 reduction

GHG Reductions

936,659 tons

(Measured on 2023/12. BLK1, BLK2, BLT1, BLN1 Actuals and Expected Impact)


African Frontier Capital,
33 St. James's Square,
London SW1Y 4JS, UK


African Frontier Capital,
5th Floor, Nexsky Building,
Ebène, Cybercity,
72201, Mauritius


Solar Frontier Capital Limited,
15 Esplanade
St. Helier
Jersey, JE1 1RB